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Yanet Garcia, The sexiest Weather Girl On The Planet


Meet Yanet Garcia
Meet Yanet Garcia



Meet Yanet Garcia, the Mexican weather girl who has taken the Internet by storm.

In the last two weeks, the incredibly hot weather woman has seen her celebrity skyrocket after a Reddit topic exploded.

On the r/yanetgarcia subreddit, users began to take notice, and as of press time, has grown from around 20-something subscribers to over 3,500.

Then, across the Internet, her social profiles began to take off as well, with Garcia garnering more than 400,000 Instagram followers, 100,000 new followers on Twitter, and more than 300,000 new likes on her Facebook page.

Even this Austrialian Youtuber put together a compilation of her forecasts where he explains why she’s incredible, even though he has no idea what she’s saying.





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  • Josh Hom

    Really nice chick!

  • Daniel Moore

    I really wanna f**k her in the a#s.

  • Ken Chapman

    Latin TVs are so sexist.Very sexy girl by the way…