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Would You Live In This Scarily Amazing House Hidden In A Cliff?

50 Stair Descent


You’ll feel like you’re entering an ancient pyramid when you go down the 50-stair descent until you reach an aged wood door that rotates. Of course you can also take an elevator.

Panoramic View


On your way down, the view of the water will draw you in. First stop is the balcony for the panoramic view of the waves crashing on the cliffs below.

Brutalism Design


The loft-like interior consists of gray walls and aged wood with sunlight shimmering from the roof’s glass filtered pool. The decorative elements are embedded in the design and include a fireplace, an open kitchen, a dining area, master bedroom, guest room and more.

A Fortress


To be brutally honest, this house is like a Fortress of Solitude that’s perfect when you want to get away from the world’s ever growing problems. A mansion that provides functionality as well as aesthetics and peace of mind? Count us in!



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