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A Guy Took A Photo With The Eiffel Tower And Asked The Internet To Help Photoshop It

Guy and eifeltowerYou know that picture that people love taking of the Eiffel Tower where they stand there with their finger on top of it but it’s actually really funny because they’re not actually as tall as the Eiffel Tower and able to put their hand on it, it’s just a clever perspective trick? You know the one, you’ve laughed at the picture about four times in your life, three of which were fake laughs.

Anyway, some dude took a dreadful picture trying to do it . It was so bad, he asked his friends on Imgur to photoshop him successfully doing the photo.

The Internet is far too witty and hilarious to actually help, so instead loads of people photoshopped the pictures any which way they liked and here is the outcome. Some are funny. Some are shoddy. And some are downright weird.

Well done Internet.


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