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14 Amazing Facts You Must Know About The Mount Everest

4. Traffic jam in Everest.

Ralf Dujmovits (Germany) in 2012 captured a shocking photograph of hundreds of mountaineers who were jockeying for the position at the top. Large numbers of climbers climb Everest each year either to fulfill their hiking satisfaction or to hold a record. Ralf is the first German to climb the 14 mountains more than a height of 8km.

Traffic jam in Everest

5. Height of pollution.

During long years of ascent, Everest witnessed huge garbage and trash spoiling its beauty. It dragged Nepal’s attention and the cleaning campaign launched in 2010 with the help of Mountaineering Association. Tonnes of litter left at Everest collected during the expedition. The trash included corpses, remains of helicopters, oxygen bottles, cans, tents etc.

Height of pollution.

6. 65 porters and 75 yaks were hired over two years to bring the trash down.

The authorities say around 50 tons of litter is left on Everest over the last 60 years. The photograph above shows members of Art Club sorting the trash.

mt-everest-climbers-trash mt-everest-trash-art-exhibit2

7. Trash to treasure.

Some of the trash was donated to Da Mind Tree/Art Club Nepal, the host of a month-long visual art symposium during which 15 artists created 75 pieces from the recycled raw materials. Their works, including a wind chime made from old tent poles and an idol of the Hindu God Ganesh that incorporates the helicopter remains, are currently on display in Kathmandu.





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