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10 Most Dangerous Countries According To Global Peace Index

Every year, the Global Peace Index (product of the Institute for Economics and Peace) attempts to determine the level of peacefulness of 162 world´s largest countries. Measuring the countries’ peacefulness is a complex process based on evaluating a wide range of indicators. There are 22 indicators in total, including things like number of external and internal conflicts, relations with neighboring countries, political instability, terrorist activity, number of homicides per 100,000 people, number of jailed persons per 100,000 people, nuclear and heavy weapons capability and many more. Since 2007 when the project was launched, Iceland has always been the safest and most peaceful country in the world. In this year´s TOP 5 peaceful countries, Iceland (this year´s score 1.189) was followed by Denmark (1.193), Austria (1.200), New Zealand (1.236), and Switzerland (1.258). In these countries, as well as in those which ranked close by, you should not worry about your safety. But let us have a look at the other end of the chart. These 25 countries have been listed as the most dangerous countries in the world and definitely should not be among your vacation destinations.

10.North Korea (3.071)

North Korea


North Korea is widely accused of having one of the worst human rights records in the world. The population is strictly managed by the state and all aspects of daily life are subordinated to party and state planning. Amnesty International also reports of severe restrictions on the freedom of association, expression and movement, arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment resulting in death, and executions.

9.Pakistan (3.107)


The post-independence history of Pakistan has been characterized by periods of military rule, political instability and conflicts with neighboring India. The country continues to face challenging problems, including overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, corruption and it ranks among the countries with the most income inequality.


8.Democratic Republic of Congo (3.213)



The country is extremely rich in natural resources but political instability, a lack of infrastructure and a culture of corruption have historically limited development, extraction and exploitation efforts. The Congolese Civil Wars, beginning in 1996, devastated the country. They ultimately involved nine African nations, multiple groups of UN peacekeepers and twenty armed groups. The wars resulted in the deaths of 5.4 million people since 1998 with more than 90% of those deaths resulting from malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition, aggravated by displaced, unsanitary and over-crowded living conditions.



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